Getting Together - Online Dating from The OldieGetting Together - Online Dating from The Oldie
Getting Together - Online Dating from The Oldie

Welcome to The Oldie Dating
The internet dating site brought to you by The Oldie magazine where you can meet like-minded Oldie readers, for friendship, flirtation or a full-blown romance. Join for free today or pay for enhanced features like unlimited messaging.

The Oldie dating service is part of the Love and Friends network, a trusted and established name in online dating. Here are a few questions that people sometimes ask before joining:

Who is this site for?
Single people looking to make friends or to find romance online. We also have discussion forums for chat, debate and arranging group social events.

Internet dating. I’m too old for that…
There are over 3 million people currently internet dating in the UK, a number that continues to rise across all age groups. With so many options, we offer an Oldie approved alternative to find a good friend or soul mate without the hassle of an app.

How do I sign up?
Follow one of the many 'join for free' links on this page.

Is it really free?
Like most dating websites it is free to register a profile. The good news is that the basic features of actually using the site (including sending some messages) are also free. There is a paid membership (from £15) that gives you access to all the features and unlimited messaging.

Is it just for Oldie Readers?
This site is for Oldie Readers. However when you join as a member you become part of ‘the loveandfriends network’ which means you have access to a large pool of UK singles to meet as well; and if you want to have a chat or discussion then you can visit our ‘forum’ area.

Is it all above board?
The Oldie teamed up with loveandfriends as they run a trusted site aimed largely at graduates and professionals. Some other sites might tolerate unacceptable behaviour, but not us.

If I have questions or problems?
The sign up process is self-explanatory with notes to guide you as progress. There is also a comprehensive page of Frequently Asked Questions which explains how to use the site once you have registered a profile.

If you do get stuck then feel free to drop the chaps at loveandfriends an email and they’ll do their best to help you.


This site is part of the Loveandfriends network. Registered Office 46 Manchester Street London W1U 7LS.