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We'll tell you how to contact us at the bottom of this page - but first please read the following...

If you're a full member we're happy to hear from you ...please use the special priority support email address we informed you of when you upgraded. If you email that address then it gets flagged and diverted to a separate queue where hopefully we can help you much more promptly. We can't give this address out here as it will get inundated with spam! 

General Help/FAQs  is where we answer Frequently Asked Questions about our system e.g. 'Help! I can't log on...', 'How do I send emails?' 'What's a favourite member', etc, etc. We also answer the question "How do I get started navigating around the site". >>> Please read these first <<<

Before you Contact us (for help/support):

  • We'd really appreciate if you read FAQs first. It is good 'Netiquette' (Internet Etiquette) to always check the site FAQs before emailing in (this applies to any internet site). Most people's questions/problems are answered here.
  • Checkout the ' Options' page - we've made the site so that you can administer most aspects of your account yourself. Members can suspend/reactivate/terminate your membership, opt out of emails, change your email address and password, etc., etc.
  • Checkout our Support 'Forum' . Here members help each other use the site. Perhaps someone else has already written in wanting to do what you're wanting - and another member has answered them.  

When you do Contact us (for help/support):

  • Make sure you quote your username on emails.
  • describe explicitly in detail on your email what happens and what the error message says. If possible send us a screenshot of the error  

Good: "When I went to the 'Send a Message' page last night I tried to send messages to 'pinotnoir' and 'zinfandel'. On both occasions after pressing the send button I got an error message which said 'Timeout connecting to destination mailserver'. My username is 'Chardonnay' - I'm using Internet Explorer 6.0 on a PC from home.

Bad: "Can't log in - please help!", "Site doesn't work - what's up???!!", "Profile doesn't save", "Messages don't send" "Can't see my messages", etc. 

Ambiguous reports of problems are frustrating for both you and us - we simply can't help you if we don't have the details. Result = delay in getting you sorted.

We do our best to help all members but if you're a free member please note:

  • The site is a self service system whereby you should be able to do everything for yourself
  • Due to the large volume of email we receive we often cannot reply to you as promptly as we would like  

Over 90% of emails reporting 'problems' with our site turn out to be due to problems at the member's end  - e.g. something to do with your browser/computer/internet connection. We do our best to help but simply haven't the resources to offer tech support/handholding if you've a general computer problem (e.g. privacy software/virus checker/firewall)  We expect you to have a working browser (Explorer 5 or higher, Firefox 2 or higher) + reliable Internet connection to use our site.

At last  - our contact details have read our FAQs, haven't you?

Full members please ignore the below and use your secret priority address for all urgent/important matters

General questions, etc.
Suggestions for improving the site
New business, advertising, affiliate schemes, banners, etc.
Bug reports ("This bit of the site doesn't work"), complaints, etc.


Postal Address.
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47 Dorset Street

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